Shortwave Transmissions

Back in September 2021 I responded to a call for submissions for a project called Shortwave Transmissions curated by Cities and Memories. The premise was to engage with a selection of shortwave radio recordings and select one to produce a new piece. The selection was vast and covered a range of geography, time and space.Continue reading “Shortwave Transmissions”

The Space Microcult

The Space Microcult is a collection recordings from 2019-2021 that function as a 90 minute piece for something like a soundtrack to 2001 Space Odyssey, but really is an insight into the psyche of @flybumsuk guitarist @jrflybum It’s a free download on bandcamp or cop a tape for a fiver with handmade, individual artwork –Continue reading “The Space Microcult”

Three Tone Arm, Modular Turntable

You may have seen the build video about the modular turntable a few months ago. In recent times I seem to keep finding discarded, or broken turtables. Me being me, I have to take them in, but they really are bulky items and I don’t need 23 turntables in my house. I’ve taken to harvestingContinue reading “Three Tone Arm, Modular Turntable”

Keys, keys, keys

In those hours before sleep, I’ve been recently reading online about the integration of circuit bending with modular synthesis. I’m keen to explore how Eurorack could potentially orchestrate a hoard of weird and wonderful products not designed for such a task. We’ve dabbled with circuit bending before but I always found the resulting outcome toContinue reading “Keys, keys, keys”

Nie dla wszystkich skrzypce grają

“The violin doesn’t play for everybody” – Ain’t that the truth… Before there was covid-19, before 2020, I was lucky enough to visit Poland. A nice summer holiday back in 2019 with some good friends. We visited Kraków and Warsaw and as my wife and friends completed the usual tourist requisites, my friend and collaborator,Continue reading “Nie dla wszystkich skrzypce grają”

Confidentiality Tapes – Tony’s Wallet

You may have seen our recent series entitled “Confidentiality Tapes”, either on YouTube or Bandcamp (both still available to listen to there). You can find the whole story and rationale here. I decided to put out a high quality physical release of the series with a bit of a difference. The story revolves around theContinue reading “Confidentiality Tapes – Tony’s Wallet”

The Confidentiality Tapes

Microcassettes is where it began. You know, the ones you find in old answering machines and Dictaphones. During the pandemic lockdown of 2020 I became obsessed. I wanted to gather, hear and engage with any second hand microcassettes that I could get my hands on. Online auctions, charity shops, forums, friends, however from wherever –Continue reading “The Confidentiality Tapes”

Friday Night Weird Dreams #16

Friday 7th August marked the return of Friday Night Weird Dreams, our improvised, and until recently, prolific group that is largely based on improvised sessions that change direction and members with each recording. It had been 10 months since we released a session, with life, a pandemic and other things getting in our way. ItContinue reading “Friday Night Weird Dreams #16”

Lockdown Sets

Over the course of lockdown my Saturday nights changed. No more going out and socialising or band practice. Instead I’ve continued to get involved with Ned Rush’s More Kicks than Friends YouTube show and submitted a second set. You can see that below. This time I opted for more of a modular approach, using someContinue reading “Lockdown Sets”

Turntable Modular

Lockdown has provided a fair bit of time to build at home. A friend suggested a link to a builder/producer called Lomond Campbell and it sparked an idea for a variation on his theme, and a new build – The Turntable Modular. The modular turntable creates a trigger pulse that can sync a clock pulseContinue reading “Turntable Modular”

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