Nie dla wszystkich skrzypce grają

“The violin doesn’t play for everybody” – Ain’t that the truth…


Before there was covid-19, before 2020, I was lucky enough to visit Poland. A nice summer holiday back in 2019 with some good friends. We visited Kraków and Warsaw and as my wife and friends completed the usual tourist requisites, my friend and collaborator, Matt and I visited some of the dirtiest and dingiest spots for buying records. We went equipped with knowledge and money in order to buy as much decent Polish music as we could.

“Nie dla wszystkich skrzypce grają” is the slow return of the profits of that holiday. Hundreds of pounds spent of weird and wonderful rock, psych, folk and electronic material that we unearthed from those days. I have great memories of the trip, excitement and concern about some of the dives we visited and the reputation some had.

The album started from our immediate return with 3/4 tracks being pieced together with the first month of going through the finds. Two were released on 7″ through Bandcamp in February. The rest progressed through 2019 and into early 2020. By the end of March two things happened, I fell pretty ill, and international lockdown occurred. In late March, confined to my bed with only an iPhone and SP-404, I penned the rough and lo-fi sounding “Opowieści spomiędzy prześcieradeł” as part of my recovery. [Polish speakers, this is nothing sexy! More a reference to where I was forced to be!]

By the summer I revisited the content and asked Matt Chuter to add some guitar to “Szacunek dla starego” in a style I knew he would enjoy. By September I was deep into learning about modular synthesis, and this reflects in the last 3 tracks.

Out on Bandcamp 31/12/2020

Published by Prrk Industries Sound Enthusiasts

Producer and multi-instrumentalist in a range of Portsmouth based bands, from shouting for noise oiks Flybums, samples and conducting for the improvised Friday Night Weird Dreams, drums for riff orientated instrumental band Aeroplane Attack, one third of the abstract spoken word/sound project The Vulture is a Patient Bird, and a solo artist for a range of sound projects covering a multitude of genres. Designer and presenter for Prrk Industries, an online research platform for electronic sound experiments, circuit bending and sonic exploration, encouraging DIY building and modifying of devices and the repurposing of discarded media and products.

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