Confidentiality Tapes – Tony’s Wallet

You may have seen our recent series entitled “Confidentiality Tapes”, either on YouTube or Bandcamp (both still available to listen to there). You can find the whole story and rationale here.

I decided to put out a high quality physical release of the series with a bit of a difference. The story revolves around the main character, and audiophile, Tony. When producing the series I delved into his life, finding out details about some of the facets of what makes him tick. These have been rendered into clues that are added to the release – a wallet, Tony’s wallet.

The music is contained on a USB data card that sits inside as high quality .wav files, as well as a number of clues that link to the back story. I don’t want to spoil too much of that for you…

Here’s a sneak peek

Here’s a link to the bandcamp merchandise page, where it goes on sale Friday 6th November 2020.

Published by Prrk Industries Sound Enthusiasts

Producer and multi-instrumentalist in a range of Portsmouth based bands, from shouting for noise oiks Flybums, samples and conducting for the improvised Friday Night Weird Dreams, drums for riff orientated instrumental band Aeroplane Attack, one third of the abstract spoken word/sound project The Vulture is a Patient Bird, and a solo artist for a range of sound projects covering a multitude of genres. Designer and presenter for Prrk Industries, an online research platform for electronic sound experiments, circuit bending and sonic exploration, encouraging DIY building and modifying of devices and the repurposing of discarded media and products.

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